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How to Turn the Light On or Off

Is the Light Turned On / Off ?

There are a couple of different lighting methods, depending on model. Please see the different lighting styles below.

Lighting Style 1

The refrigerator and wine cellar has an interior light that comes on any time the door is opened.

  • Press "Light" button on the control panel to turn the light on and off

The wine cellar will remain illuminated for 10 minutes (even when door is closed) when the Light is turned on. When the Light is turned off, the wine cellar compartment will be illuminated when the door is open. The light will turn off when the door is closed.

You will see this symbol on your control panel.



Lighting Style 2

You may also turn the light on at anytime by opening the door and pressing the exterior switch located beside the temperature control knob on the base grille. When this switch is turned on, the light will remain on till the switch is turned off. 

NOTE: Leaving the light on for an extended period of time will slightly increase the temperature of the wine cellar.


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