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When to Change the Water Filter (Freestanding Ice Maker)

Does the Filter need to be Changed?

We recommend replacing the filter every 9 months or when the ice production starts to decrease.

Order Filter Status

Will be illuminated when it is time to order a replacement filter

Replace Filter Status

  • Will be illuminated when it is time to replace the filter
  • After 9 months or 2000 gallons of water use
  • Customers with very hard water may need to replace their filter before these counts are reached

Additional Filter Information

  • Replace Filter Status will remain illuminated if the filter is not installed or installed correctly or if there is an obstruction in the water line.
  • Replacing the disposable water filter with a new filter will automatically reset the filter status tracking feature.
  • Ensure the filter is in the "Locked" Position. If the filter is not "Locked" water can not enter and no ice will be produced



To purchase water filters, visit Their filter selection tool will help you identify the right filter for your refrigerator or icemaker.

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