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Preventative Maintenance - Wine Cooler & Beverage Centers

Preventative Maintenance - Wine Cooler & Beverage Centers

To keep your wine cooler and/or beverage center running smoothly we recommend performing the below routine checks and tasks. 


When Task Why How

Clean Interior

  • Will help keep it well organized
  • Remove and/or prevent odors from forming

Hand washing with a mild detergent is recommended for cleaning. Don't forget to clean the bins and rails. 

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Yearly Inspect Door Seals/Gaskets
  • Cuts down on un-needed air leaks
  • Helps keep it running efficiently

Don't forget to clean your gaskets monthly with warm water


Check Leveling

Undercounter - Level.jpg

  • Will help with proper door function (opening and closing)
  • Will help the door proper sealing

Make sure the beverage center or wine cooler is level both front to back and side to side.

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