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Alexa Washer Commands

Alexa Washer Commands

Action/Function What's the Command?
Start Washer Alexa, Tell Jenn-Air to Start the Washer
Stop Washer Alexa, Tell Jenn-Air to Stop the Washer
Pause Washer Alexa, Tell Jenn-Air to Pause the Washer
Quiet Mode (Turn off/on) Alexa, Tell Jenn-Air to Turn Quiet Mode On (or off)
Time Remaining Alexa, Ask Jenn-Air how much time is left on my Washing Machine
Model Number Alexa, Ask Jenn-Air for the Washer's Model Number
Serial Number Alexa, Ask Jenn-Air for the Washer's Serial Number
SAID Number Alexa, Ask Jenn-Air for the Washer's SAID Number


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