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Using Google Home with Your Connected Appliances

Using Google Home with Your Jenn-Air Connected Appliances

Before getting started

In order to connect your appliance to Google Home the following needs to be completed:

  • Create a Jenn-Air account through the Jenn-Air mobile app. 
  • Connect your appliance to the internet via the Jenn-Air mobile  app. 
  • Ensure your cJenn-Air connected appliance is connected to Wi-Fi and to your Jenn-Air account. 
  • Download the Google Home app via your phone device maker's mobile app store. 

How to Connect

  1. Turn to your Google Home and say, "Ok Google, ask Jenn-Air to link my account."
  2. Google Assistant will display a "LINK" card in the Google Home app. Launch the Google Home mobile app, tap "Discover" then select "LINK". If you don't see a "LINK" card, you may need to forcefully close the Google Home mobile app and then relaunch it.
  3. Sign in using your Jenn-Air account username and password. This will link your Jenn-Air account to Google Home.


Available Commands

To see the list of commands for each appliance, click on the list below


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