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Switching Off the Coffee System - Built-In Coffee Maker

Possible Solutions

To turn off the coffee system.

  • Press the On/Standby (F) button on the front of the coffee system.

BI CM Front component view.jpg

  • “TURNING OFF Please wait...” will display, and hot water will run off from the coffee spout.

NOTE: Each time the coffee system is put into standby mode, it performs an automatic rinse that cannot be interrupted.

  • The coffee system will automatically go into standby mode after 30 minutes.
  • To change this duration, see “Auto-Off” in the “Settings” section of the Owner's Manual.

NOTE: If the coffee system will not be used for an extended period of time, press the main On/Off (A) button on the side of the machine.

BI CM Rear component view .jpg

  • Auto-Set will not work when the machine is turned off by the main On/Off button.


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