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Not grinding or beans jamming - Built-In Coffee Maker

Possible Solutions

Not grinding

  • Slide the coffee system forward using the handles as shown in the following illustration.

BI CM Handles to slide out.jpg

  • Open the coffee bean container lid, fill the coffee bean container with coffee beans and close the lid.

BI CM Bean container.jpg

IMPORTANT: Do not place ground coffee, freeze-dried coffee, caramelized coffee or foreign objects into the coffee bean container, as they could damage the machine.

  • Push the coffee system back into the housing. It is now ready for normal use.


The blend of coffee is unsuitable

  • Use a blend of coffee specifically for coffee machines.
  • If using a dark roast oily bean exclusively, try a lighter roast drier bean. 


  • Check and clean inlet to coffee feed
  • Gently vacuum the inlet to remove any stones from the coffee bean mix that inadvertently become lodged in the grinder.

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