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Cleaning the Brewing Unit

How to Clean Your Jenn-Air Built-in Coffee Maker

JennAir built in coffee maker with beverage.jpg

Clean the brewing unit every month.

IMPORTANT: The brewing unit cannot be removed while the coffee system is switched on. Do not attempt to use force to remove the brewing unit.

  1. Make sure the coffee system is properly switched off. To turn off the coffee system, press the On/Standby button (F) on the front of the coffee system. “TURNING OFF Please wait...” will display, and hot water will run off from the coffee spout.

BI CM Front component view.jpg

  1. Open the service door (A) on the front of the coffee system by pulling on the hot water and steam spout (B).

BI CM Water spout and service door.jpg

  1. Remove the drip tray (B) and the coffee grounds container (A).

BI CM Grounds container and drip tray.jpg

  1. Press the two red release buttons (A) inward and pull the brewing unit (B) out.

BI CM Breing unit release.jpg

  1. Soak the brewing unit in water for about 5 minutes, then rinse. NOTE: Do not use any detergent to clean the brewing unit. The inside of the piston is treated with lubricant that detergent would remove.
  2. After cleaning, reinsert the brewing unit so that the support (A) and the pin (B) at the bottom are fully engaged.
  3. Push the "PUSH" symbol until it clicks into place and the two red release buttons have clicked out.

BI CM Brewing unit install.jpg

NOTE: If you are having difficulty replacing the brewing unit, compress the moving parts from both the top and bottom as shown in the following illustration before reinserting it.

BI CM Brewing unit compression.jpg

  1. Replace the drip tray and coffee grounds container.
  2. Close the service door.

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