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Indicator or Display Flashing - Electric and Induction Cooktop


Possible Solutions

Smoothtop Cooktop

This is indicating that one or more keys are permanently pressed.

  • Make sure the cooktop controls are OFF.
  • Remove any objects left on the control area, and/or wipe any debris from the control panel surface.
  • Clean the cooktop touch control panel thoroughly.

Induction Cooktop

  • Check that the saucepan is electromagnetic. Check that the diameter of the saucepan is large enough. Center the saucepan on the surface cooking area. Allow the saucepan to cool down in the event that it has become hot when used. Switch the surface cooking area OFF, then ON again. 
  • If the correct type and size of pan is not placed on the chosen cooking area, “U” and the power level chosen will flash in the control display of the cooking area until a pan is detected or the cooking area is turned off.
  • An Indicator Light Flashing may occur when the controls are not set correctly.
  • Induction code half-s.jpg  water or cooking utensils on the glass above the control unit.  Move utensils and clean the cooktop surface.
  • Performance Boost function display flashing - The Performance Boost function will operate only 1 cooking area in a cooktop zone. If both areas in a cooktop zone are set for Performance Boost, the area set last will continue at the Performance Boost power level and the other cooking area will reset to power level 5. It is possible that the function will switch the surface cooking area to a lower setting to keep the cooktop from overheating. You can continue to use the cooktop if the display is not flashing.

Please refer to your Owner's Manual for specific instructions on setting the controls.

If you would like to download or view product literature for your appliance, please visit our Manuals and Literature page.​

Reset power to the product:

If the Indicator Light continues to flash:

  • Disconnect power by turning off circuit breaker(s).
  • After 1 minute, reconnect power or plug in the product.
  • Verify operation of the cooktop.
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