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Burner(s) Sparking or Clicking - Gas Cooktop

Possible Solutions

It is normal for all gas surface burners to spark, or click, at the same time when a control knob is pushed down and turned.

  • Only the burner with the control knob turned to LITE will produce a flame.

NOTE: Visually check that the burner has lit. If the burner does not ignite, listen for the clicking sound. If you do not hear the igniter click, turn off the burner. Check for a tripped circuit breaker or blown fuse. 

  • Burner(s) may click if damp from being cleaned or if a spillover has occurred. 

  • Allow the product to dry thoroughly.​

  • You can speed up the drying process by blowing cool air on the ​burner and control knob shaft ​area using a hair dryer.


Products equipped with the reignition feature:

  • During cooktop use, if one or more burners are extinguished due to external causes (such as a water spill, wind or ventilation draft), the ignition system will turn on to reignite the flame.

  • When the flame comes back on, the system will stop sparking, or clicking.

  • If the draft in the room is not removed, occasional sparking, or clicking, may continue. Sparking may also occasionally occur when using the low setting on a burner.


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