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Surface Burner Flames Abnormal Colors - Natural Gas - Cooktop

Possible Solutions

Does the flame need to be adjusted? 

A proper flame should be a soft blue (Natural Gas) or blue with slightly yellow tips (LP Gas). If the flames are not the right color, too high or too low, the flame may need to be adjusted. 

Refer to the installation instructions for directions on adjusting the flame height. 

Is an ultrasonic humidifier used in the house? 

An ultrasonic humidifier in the home can create water vapor mist that carries minerals into the air. When passed through a flame, the minerals can create different flame colors. The humidifier does not need to be located near the range for it to affect the flame color.  Using distilled water will reduce the effect on the flame appearance. 

  • Calcium can produce an orange or red color.
  • Potassium can produce a lilac or pink color. Potassium is found in natural water and is also used in some water softeners. 

Is the burner base & burner cap positioned properly? 

The cap must be seated on the burner base to light and perform properly.  Reinstall the burner cap, ensuring the alignment pins(if present) are properly aligned with the burner cap, as shown below.  The burner cap should fit flush with the burner base and have minimal side-to-side movement.  

Are the burner ports clogged?

Clean clogged burner ports with a straight pin, needle, or small-gauge wire as shown.

  • Do not use a wooden toothpick; it can break off and prevent proper gas flow. 
  • Do not clean in the dishwasher.
  • Do not enlarge or distort the port.

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