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Power Level Lower Than Level Requested - Induction Cooktop

Possible Solution

Is the Power Regulator Limits the Power Levels?

In accordance with the maximum value set for the cooktop, The power regulator limits the power levels. The cooktop automatically sets a minimum power level to ensure that the cooking zone can be used.

NOTE: Depending on the power selected for the cooktop, some of the cooking zone power levels and functions (e.g., boil or quick reheating) could be automatically limited to prevent the selected limit from being exceeded.

To set the power of the cooktop: 

  • Once you have connected the device to the mains power supply, you can set the power level within 60 seconds.
  • Press the timer “+” button for at least 5 seconds. The display shows “PL.”
  • Press the “OK” button until the last power level selected appears. Use the “+” and “−” buttons to select the desired power level. Confirm by pressing “OK.”
  • The power level selected will stay in the memory even if the power supply is interrupted. To change the power level, turn your wall breaker power to the cooktop off for at least 60 seconds, then turn the power back on and repeat the steps above.


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