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Possible Solutions

Do you hear a cracking when starting to cook?

  • This sound occurs when cookware is used that consists of different materials.
  • The noise is caused by vibrations in the joint faces between the different layers. It may change depending on the amount and type of food being
  • This is normal.

CLICK HERE to watch a video for Common Induction Operating Sounds Using Correct Cookware.

Is the correct cookware being used? 

Only use pots and pans made from ferromagnetic material which are suitable for use with an induction cooktop.

  • To determine whether a pot is suitable, a magnet may be used to check whether pots are magnetic.
  • The quality and structure of the pot base can alter cooking performance. Some indications for the base's diameter do not correspond to the actual diameter of the ferromagnetic surface. Some pots and pans have only a part of the bottom in a ferromagnetic material, with parts in another material that is not suitable for induction cooking. These areas may heat up at different levels or with lower temperatures. In certain cases, where the bottom is made mainly of non-ferromagnetic materials, the cooktop might not recognize the pan and, therefore, not switch on the cooking zone.

CLICK HERE for additional information on Induction Cookware

Refer below video for Induction Cookware Compatibility

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