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WPS Method

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What is WPS?

WPS is a wireless network security standard that tries to make connections between a router and wireless devices faster and easier. The ability to use WPS (aka Wireless Protected Setup) is limited to routers that support the WPS standard. The following method will work for the majority of customer routers.

Using WPS to provision the appliance

IMPORTANT: Complete the next two steps within two minutes.

  1. On the wireless router
    1. Locate and press the WPS (WiFi Protected Setup) button. The WPS button location may vary from router to router. An indicator light on the router will begin blinking.
  2. On the Smart Appliance
    1. Press the "POWER" button to activate the appliance.
    2. Turn the "Mode" and "Temperature" knob to the WiFiFi position. The "Start" button will start flashing. Press and hold the "Start" button until the WiFi light is blinking.
    3. Be sure both the WPS (on the router) and the WiFi light (on the appliance) is blinking. 
    4. When the appliance is connected to the router, the WiFi status indicator light will become solid.
  3.  In the mobile app
    1. Log in to the mobile app and click on "ADD APPLIANCE." Since the appliance is already connected skip connection steps.

​NOTE: If you have tried to connect the appliance multiple times and having trouble try Deprovisioning the appliance. CLICK HERE for instructions.

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