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Remote Control

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What is Remote control?      

Use the Remote Enable feature to control the appliance from the app such as:

  • Access the oven from any mobile device.
  • Set and preheat the oven from any location.
  • Monitor the progress of the cooking cycle.
  • Adjust cook time and temperature.

How do I set the Remote Enable feature?      

  1. Log in to the Jenn-Air mobile app.
  2. Turn on the appliance.
  3. Turn the "Mode" and "Temperature" knob to the "WiFi" position.
  4. Press and hold the "Start" button for 3 seconds.
  5. The Remote indicator light illuminates white when the unit is remote enabled.
  6. Return to the Jenn-Air mobile app.
  7. Select the appliance that is remote enabled and in "Ready to Cook" Status.
  8. Create a cycle, cook time, and start appliance from the Jenn-Air mobile app.

NOTE: All lights will turn off in Idle mode. The app overrides any knob selections that have been made while Remote Enable is enabled. If the "Mode" and "Temperature" knobs are set, and the appliance is remote enabled, the app will control the oven functions.  Remote enable will stay activated for 24 hours. Remote enable will disable if any changes are made to the physical appliance.

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