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Not brown enough on bottom - Commercial Range

Possible Solutions

What color and type of bakeware did you use?

Different types and colors of cookware can impact browning on the bottom of baked goods.  Follow the manufacturer's recommendations and use the bakeware size recommended in the recipe.  

  • Dark pans absorb heat resulting in darker browning. 

  • Light, shiny pans reflect heat resulting in lighter browning.

CLICK HERE for more information on baking performance and bakeware

Did you use the correct rack position for the food being baked?  

Most baked goods will perform best if a single rack is used and positioned according to the type of baked product.   

  • Rack positions in the center of the oven are used for the majority of baked goods, cookies, layer cakes, and casseroles.

CLICK HERE for more information on rack placement.

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