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Oven Not Heating - Powering On - Electric Range

Possible Solution

New installation or electrical connection?

If this appliance was newly installed, check the following to ensure the power supply was connected correctly:

  • Strain relief is tightened against the power supply cord.
  • All terminal wires are in the correct locations (colors match).
  • Hex nuts on the terminal block posts are secure and tightened.
  • Check the installation instruction for complete details. 

      strain relief.png          terminal block.png

Is the control panel locked or in demo mode (on some models)? 

Some ovens may be equipped with a control lock feature. Look for "Control Lock" on the oven control console and then reset by typically holding the button(s) for 3 seconds.

Some ovens may also be equipped with a demo mode feature. When demo mode is enabled, the oven will not operate and the control will display a short presentation highlighting the features of the range.

Refer to the Owner's Manual to learn more about enabling and disabling the demo mode feature. 

Set the control set correctly:

Refer to the Owner's Manual for detailed control operation instructions.

Is the control set for a Delay Start?

The oven can be set for a bake function with a Delayed Start, meaning the bake function will not start until reaching the start time.

Cancel the control and re-start a bake function.



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