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Oven Too Cold - Already Calibrated - Gas Double Oven Range

Possible Solutions

Did you place food in the oven before the preheat cycle was complete?

For optimal performance, place food in the oven as soon after the signal as possible.

CLICK HERE for video on Oven Pre-Heating.

Did you open the oven door to check baking/cooking results?

Always use the oven light to check cooking/baking progress because opening the oven door heat to escape and the oven to cool.

CLICK HERE for video on Oven Door Opening.

Has the temperature been set to Celsius instead of Fahrenheit?

The temperature in the oven(s) is preset to Fahrenheit but can be changed to Celsius. If the oven has accidentally been changed to Celsius, the oven control will not exceed 260°.

What type of Bakeware are you using?

The bakeware material effects cooking results. Follow the manufacturer's recommendations and use the bakeware size recommended in the recipe. 

CLICK HERE for a video on different bakeware.

How many pans were on the rack? How large of pan were you using?

Hot air must be able to circulate to cook food evenly. Allow 2" of space/clearance around baking pan(s) and the oven walls.  

Was an entire oven rack or the oven bottom lined with aluminum foil?

Do not cover an entire oven rack or the oven bottom with aluminum foil below the baking pan. This can block good air flow.

CLICK HERE for a video on the effects of airflow.

Is the gas pressure regulator shut-off valve in the "ON" position?

Gas ranges have a shut-off valve located on the pressure regulator.

  • The shut-off valve may have been turned to the "OFF" position during handling, transportation, or installation.
  • When the shut-off valve is in the "ON" position, gas can flow to both the cooktop and the oven. When the shut-off valve is on the "OFF" position, gas will flow to the cooktop burners but will not provide a gas supply to the oven.
  • This is different from the main gas supply line coming from the home gas supply.                    

Gas shut off valve:                                                                  or, on back of the range 

FSDOR Regulator Shut-Off.jpg       FSDOR Oven Shut Off 3-22-17.jpg

CLICK HERE to watch a video on how to check the gas regulator shut-off valve.


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