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Oven Not Working - Cooktop Working

Possible Solutions

Is the oven bottom lined with aluminum foil or an oven bottom liner?

  • Do not cover the oven bottom with aluminum foil or an oven bottom liner. This can block air or gas flow to the burner.

Is a utensil in the storage drawer(if so equipped) causing a problem?

  • Remove all utensils from the storage drawer and test oven operation.

Is the gas Pressure Regulator Shut-Off Valve in the "ON" position?

Gas ranges have a shut-off valve located on the pressure regulator.

  • The shut-off valve may have been turned to the "OFF" position during handling, transportation, or if a utensil in the storage drawer contacted the shut-off valve lever.
  • When the shut-off valve is on the "OFF" position, gas will flow to the cooktop burners but will not provide a gas supply to the oven.
  • This is different from the main gas supply line coming from the home gas supply.

CLICK HERE for more information on the Regulator Shut-Off Valve.

CLICK HERE to watch a video on how to check the gas regulator shut-off valve.

Is the main gas valve turned on?

Check to make sure that the main gas valve is on. If the range has been recently installed or re-connected to the gas supply, turn on any one of the surface burner knobs to release air from the gas line.  

Refer to the Installation Instructions for detailed information on the main gas valve.

Is the unit power cord connected to a grounded, operational outlet?

Correct operation of surface burner and oven ignitors is dependent on the unit having a good ground path for the spark to travel to.

  • Verify the power cord is connected to a 120 Volt AC, grounded, operational outlet. 
  • Do not connect power cord with two(2) prong adapter or extension cord.
  • If you are unsure the outlet is grounded, operational, and is easily accessible, connect a known operating small appliance with similar power cord to the outlet to verify the outlet is operational. 
  • If power supply is not correct, or if you are unsure, contact a qualified electrician.

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