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What Bakeware Should be Used

What Bakeware Should I Use in my Jenn-Air Oven

The bakeware material effects cooking results. Follow manufacturer's recommendations and use the bakeware size recommended in the recipe. Use the following information as a guide: 


Bakeware Type Expected Outcome
Light-colored aluminum Produces light golden crusts with even browning. Use temperature and time recommended in recipe. 

Dark aluminum

Dark, dull and/or nonstick finish

Produces brown, crisp crusts. You need to place the rack in the center of the oven and for best results may need to reduce baking temperatures by 25°F (15°C). 

For pies, breads and casseroles, use the temperature recommended in recipe for pies, breads and casseroles. 

Insulated cookie sheets or baking pans Produce little or no bottom browning. Place the pan or sheet in the bottom third of oven. You may need to increase baking time. 
Stainless steel Produces light, golden crusts, uneven browning. You may need to increase baking time. 
Stoneware Produces a crisp crust. Please review and follow the manufacturer's instructions. 
Ovenproof glassware, ceramic glass or ceramic Produces brown, crisp crusts. You may need to reduce the baking temperatures by 25°F (15°C). 


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