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Water Dripping or Condensation - Wall Oven

Possible Solutions

Does a drain cycle need to be run?

To ensure that no residual water is left behind, in the broiler, the Drain function can be performed.  The drain function can be accessed "Maintenance" section of the display. Please see the Owner's Manual for complete instructions on completing a drain cycle.

Is the water container over filled?

Make sure the water container is not filled past the "Max" line.  This will help prevent water from overflowing the water container.

Was the water container removed correctly? 

If the water container was not removed correctly, some water might remain and drip out of the valve seat. 

To properly remove the water container: Slowly lift and pull the water container out of its compartment toward you, keeping it horizontal to allow the remaining water to drain out of the valve seat.

Is it condensation build up?

To help minimize condensation build up in the oven cavity, empty and replace the water container after each use. If some condensation is present, use the provided sponge. The sponge is used for wiping off residual condensation that may be present in the cooled oven after cooking. It is important that you allow the oven to cool before removing residual water.



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