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How to Determine Rinse Aid Level

How to Determine Rinse Aid Level

We recommend using the rinse agent dispenser. A rinse aid is essential for good drying. Be sure to fill the dispenser before you use your new dishwasher. A full dispenser holds about 5 oz (150-175 mL) or rinse aid and should last about a month. Make sure the rinse aid dispenser is full.  It is recommended to use a colored rinse aid, such as blue, so that you can more easily see the rinse aid level in the gauge. 

How to read the indicator gauge

Make sure that you are reading the gauge with the door in a fully opened position. The gauge only registers correctly when the door is in the fully opened position. If the door is tilted on an angle, you will not get an accurate reading.

There are a couple of different types of dispensers; refer to the Owner's Manual for specific information on your model. The three indicator lenses are located beside the rinse aid fill cap. The largest lens showing your rinse aid's color indicates that the reservoir is full. As rinse aid is used, the lens will start to show a clear or silver color. When the smallest lens shows a clear or silver color, it is time to refill the dispenser with rinse aid.



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