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Adding Items to Dishwasher During a Cycle

How to Add Dishes to the Jenn-Air Dishwasher After the Cycle has Started 

You can add an item anytime before the main wash starts. Open the door and check the detergent dispenser. If the cover is still closed, you can add items. If the dispenser door opens, it is too late to add the item; it should go into the next load.

  1. Lift the door latch to stop the cycle. Wait for the spraying action to stop before opening the door. All cycle and options selected lights will flash to indicate that the cycle is suspended.
  2. Open the door. If the detergent dispenser lid is still closed, add the item.
  3. Depending on model, press the "Start" button (to resume the cycle)
  4. Firmly close the door until it latches.
  5. The lights will stop flashing when the door is properly shut. After a slight delay, the cycle will automatically resume at the point of interruption.

Dishwasher door open.jpg

NOTE: If the door is opened during a running cycle, there may be up to a 30-second delay before the dishwasher restarts after the door is closed.

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