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Properly Loading a Dishwasher

How to Properly Load a Jenn-Air Dishwasher

Loading a dishwasher is the first step to using the appliance properly and getting optimal cleaning results.

Top Rack

We recommend using the upper rack for bowls and cups. Cups should be placed face-down. Load items at an angle. 

Bottom Rack

We also recommend using the lower rack for plates, pots/pans, and utensils. Ensure all plates are slotted into the rack on their side.

Plastic Items

  • Load items at an angle on the top rack. Ensure all items are designated as "Dishwasher Safe)
  • Plastics are difficult to dry because they have a porous surface and tend to collect droplets. Plastic items take longer to dry and may not dry completely in a normal dry cycle, so let them air dry.


Use silverware basket lids to provide optimal spacing and best cleaning performance. If your silverware does not fit into the designated slots, open the lids or lift on the ends of the lids and pull to remove (depending on silverware basket type). Mix silverware types to keep them separated. Load knives down, forks up, and alternate spoons for best cleaning results.

If you would like to download or view product literature for your appliance, please visit our Manuals and Literature page.