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Door is not Sealing - Built In Refrigerator

Possible Solution

Is the mullion or vertical hinged seal folded outward? 

On French door models, there is a vertically-hinged seal on the left refrigerator door.  The doors can be opened and closed either separately or together.  When the left-side door is opened, the hinged seal automatically folds inward so that it is out of the way. When both doors are closed, the hinged seal automatically forms a seal between the two doors.  If the seal is folded outward when the door is open, make sure to fold it inward by hand before the door is closed.  If the seal remain in the outward position the doors will not close or seal properly. 


Are there any food items being stored in the doors?

The refrigerator doors are designed to be slightly different heights when the refrigerator is empty, in order to account for the weight of food that will be placed on the doors. Adding food to the doors will help properly align the doors and provide a proper seal.



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