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Setting the Pantry Temperature - Refrigerator

Setting Pantry Temperature

IMPORTANT: This control sets the temperature for only this drawer. The pantry drawer is the drawer located below the crisper drawers. This control does not set the temperature for, or turn off cooling to, the refrigerator or freezer compartments. The full-width, temperature-controlled drawer can be used to store large deli trays, fresh meat, beverages or other items that you want to store at an optimum temperature. Depending on your model, you will have either an Electronic Control or a Manual Control.  Refer to your Owner's Manual for directions specific to your model. 

NOTE: Do not place leafy vegetables in the temperature controlled drawer. The colder temperatures could damage leafy produce.

Electronic Control

For your convenience, temperatures have been preset for the optimum storage of fresh meat and poultry, cold drinks, and deli/cheese. These preset temperatures cannot be adjusted. Press the desired temperature setting for the items to be stored in the drawer.  The controls for the pantry are either located on the pantry drawer or on the main temperature control interface. 

As it is pressed, each icon will light up (temperature options will vary by model)

  • Meats/Poultry 
  • Cold Drinks (default setting) 
  • Deli/Cheese 
  • Wine

NOTE: If no button is pressed, the control will revert to Cold Drinks, the default setting.


Manual Control

Slide the control to the temperature setting best suited for the items stored in the drawer.

  • Meat - Coldest
  • Vegetables - Least cold


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