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Refrigerator Odor Removal - Columns

Possible Solutions

How to prevent or reduce odors

  • Keep foods tightly wrapped or covered this also helps keep food from drying out
  • Wipe spills up immediately
  • Clean both section about once a month
  • Keep the Refrigerator and Freezer well organized, including crisper drawers will help you manage freshness levels 
  • Discard any spoiled or rotten food
  • Routinely clean under the column, removing any dirt or items that may have gotten trapped under. 

Air filters are available at some retailers, including Amazon.

How to remove basic odors

Most normally odors can be eliminated with normal basic cleaning. Making sure that you routinely clean the interior to help prevent a build up of odors and smells. 

CLICK HERE for instructions on Basic Odor Removal 

How to remove stubborn odors

Only use this process if the above, "Basic Odor Removal", process did not work. Depending on how strong the odor or smell is, it may take several weeks for the odor to be eliminated. For best results this process should be completed with an empty column. 

CLICK HERE for instructions on Stubborn Odor Removal





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