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Not Draining - Accessory Drain Pump Installed - Ice Maker

Possible Solutions

Is the drain hose properly aligned over the drain?

Ensure the drain hose is aligned properly over the drain. If it's not properly aligned, it could cause leaking and draining issues. Move the ice maker to align the drain. See “Connecting to Water Supply" in the Owner's Manual, for specific information for your model.

Was the correct drain hose installed?

Verify the correct drain hose has been installed on the ice maker.  We recommend only using the kink resistant drain hose that is supplied with the product. A 10 ft. corrugated drain hose, must be used when installing the optional drain pump accessory kit.  If the correct drain hose is not used it could cause low ice production, no ice production and can also cause no power or intermittent power to the ice maker. 

This accessory is available for purchase. Locate the accessories page in the menu above.

Is the drain hose too high or too long?

For models with a built in pump, ensure the drain pipe does not exceed 9 feet above the pump outlet and no more than 30 feet from the pump location.  If the drain hose exceeds the maximum recommended runs, it could cause low ice production, no ice production and can also case no power or intermittent power to the ice maker.

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