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How to Stock the Wine Cellar Shelves

Stocking the Wine Cellar

NOTE: For optimum wine storage, place white wines at the top of the wine cellar, light red wines in the center, and champagne/larger diameter wine bottles at the bottom.

Racks 1-5: For storing up to eight 750 ml wine bottles [diameter less than or equal to 31/8" (80 mm)].
Rack 6: For storing up to five larger wine bottles [diameter up to 33/4" (95 mm)].

To stock the Wine Cellar - Racks 1 to 5

NOTE: The wine rack can be stocked with the bottles facing either direction; however, to optimize storage, adjacent bottles should face the opposite.

  1. Start stocking the wine cellar with the bottom display rack (5).
  2. Starting on the left-hand side, place the first bottle on the bottom of the rack with the bottle's neck facing the front of the wine cellar.
  3. Place the next bottle on its side with the bottle's neck facing the wine cellar's back. Alternate the direction of the bottles in this manner until the display rack is full.
  4. Slide the bottom rack into place and pull the next rack (4) forward.
  5. Continue stocking each remaining rack as described in the above steps.

To stock the Wine Cellar - Rack 6

  1. Starting from the left-hand side of the bottom rack, place the first bottle with the neck of the bottle facing the front of the wine cellar.
  2. Continue to place the remaining bottles facing in the same direction.


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