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Not Making Ice

Possible Solutions

Is the ice maker turned on?

Check to make sure the ice maker is turned "on".  If "Ice Maker Off" is illuminated, the ice maker is not turned on.  Press the button to resume normal ice maker production. 

Is the water line connected to a water supply and turned on? Edit section

Make sure the water supply is properly connected to a cold water supply and the water shutoff valve is fully opened.  

Do you have the correct water pressure?

No or low ice production could be a sign of no or low water pressure.  Connecting a freezer to a reverse-osmosis system could also lower the water pressure.

CLICK HERE for more information on getting the correct water pressure.

CLICK HERE for more information on using a reverse-osmosis system.

Was the water system flushed after filter installation or replacement?

Flushing the system is needed every time the filter is changed or once the refrigerator is installed to the water supply line for the first time.  Air in the water system may cause dripping at the dispenser or small/hollow ice cubes. 

CLICK HERE for more information on how to flush the water system.

CLICK HERE to watch a video on how to flush the water system. 

Is the water filter installed correctly?

If the water filter is incorrectly installed it can reduce the water flow to the ice maker, which will cause small ice cubes, low ice production or no ice production. 



Still need help?

In the event you need service, please call 1-800-JENN-AIR (536-6247) to arrange for an authorized servicer to perform repairs.




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