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Compactor Drawer Rubbing or Hitting Cabinet When Opening and Closing

Possible Solutions

Is the cabinet opening the correct size?

There should be a minimum 1/8" clearance on each side of the compactor. Refer to the "Cutout Dimensions" section of the Use and Care Guide and the picture below.

Compactor Cutout Dimensions.jpg

Is the compactor centered in the cabinet opening?

Center the compactor in the cabinet opening.

Is the compactor attached to the cabinet with the mounting brackets?

If the compactor is not properly attached to the cabinet with the supplied mounting brackets, it is possible that the compactor may move during use. This movement may cause the compactor to not be centered in the cabinet opening. Ensure the compactor is attached to the countertop or cabinet. Reference the Installation Instructions in the Use & Care Guide.

Compactor Mounting Brackets.jpg

Is there debris in the drawer area? 

This may cause the door to disengage from the drawer monitor switch, causing the compactor to keep running. Remove the drawer per “Cleaning Inside the Cabinet” instructions in the Use & Care Guide. Look for debris which could hinder the drawer from closing properly. Replace the drawer.

compactor drawer removal.jpg

Is the latch locked?

An unlatched drawer will cause the front door to be wobbly and offset from center. Ensure the latch is locked.

Open the drawer and ensure the latch is in the locked position by pressing down on the latch (pictured below). Close the drawer and run another cycle to verify the problem was the latch.

Compactor drawer latch.jpg

Is the compactor level or too high?

The compactor can be raised or lowered with front leveling legs. Place a level horizontally on the top of the cabinet to verify the compactor is level. Adjust as required.


Still need help?

In the event you need service, please call 1-800-JENN-AIR (536-6247) to arrange for an authorized servicer to perform repairs.


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