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Message displayed - Error Code - Built-In Coffee Maker

If the Message Displayed does not clear or returns after performing the recommended solution:

Reset to Default Values

  • This function will restore all settings to the factory-set defaults.

1. Press MENU.
2. Press the up and down arrow keys until “DEFAULT VALUES” is displayed. Press OK.
3. “OK to confirm” will be displayed. Press OK.
4. “Restore” will be displayed for a few seconds. All settings will be reset to default.
5. Press MENU to exit the menu.

Reset power to the product:

  • Power unit down by turning off the main ON/OFF switch.
  • Power unit up by turning on the main ON/OFF.
  • Access the Settings Menu, press MENU.
  • Adjust Settings as desired.
  • To exit the Settings Menu, press MENU again.

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