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SELF DIAGNOSIS Displays and Unit Shuts Off

SELF DIAGNOSIS Displays on a Jenn-Air Built in Coffee System and then Shuts off

  • Every time the coffee system is switched on by the main power button (A in the first illustration below), it will display "SELF DIAGNOSIS", perform an automatic self diagnostic test, and a preheat and rinse cycle that cannot be interrupted. 
    • Use this switch only for vacation, storage, or cleaning.  Be sure to unplug the unit before vacation, storage, or cleaning.

      • Please see your Use & Care Guide for additional information on cleaning your coffee system and preparing your coffee system for vacation and/or storage.

BI CM Rear component view .jpg

  • In standby mode, the display of the coffee maker is off.  To turn the display for the coffee system on from standby mode, with the main power button on, press the "On/Standby" button once (F in the illustration below) to the left of the coffee spout.
    • “HEATING UP Please wait...” will be displayed.  There may be some water runoff through the coffee spout.

BI CM Front component view.jpg


  • To place the coffee system in back into standby mode (display off), press the "On/Standby" button (F in the illustration above).  “TURNING OFF Please wait...” will display, and hot water will run off from the coffee spout.
  • The coffee system will also automatically go into standby mode after 30 minutes. To change this duration, see “Auto-Off” in the “Settings” section of your Use and Care Guide.


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