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Using Amazon Alexa with your Connected Appliance

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Using Alexa with Your Jenn-Air Appliances

The Jenn-Air connected appliances skill makes it easy to interact with, control, and monitor your Jenn-Air  connected appliances using Amazon Alexa. As long as you have a registered  Jenn-Air connected appliance, you can enable this skill and link your Jenn-Air account to Amazon Alexa for simple, seamless voice interaction.

NOTE: The Alexa skill is only available in the United States and works only with selected compatible appliances.

What do I need to do to use Alexa with my Jenn-Air Appliance?

To connect your appliances to Alexa complete the following:

  1. Create an account in the Jenn-Air mobile app.
  2. Connect appliances to the internet via the Jenn-Air mobile app.
  3. Create an Amazon Alexa mobile app account.
  4. Add the Jenn-Air skill.
  5. Use Alexa utterances or commands to control your appliances. CLICK HERE for additional information.
  6. The appliance needs to be remotely enabled to use this feature.

NOTE: If you need help creating a mobile app account, downloading the mobile app or connecting your appliances to the internet CLICK HERE

How to add Jenn-Air Skill?

Method 1

To enable a skill using voice commands: 
  1. Enable the skill by saying, "Alexa, enable the Jenn-Air skill."
  2. Enter your Jenn-Air mobile app account username and password to link your account.

Method 2

To enable a skill in the Alexa app:
  1. Ensure your Jenn-Air connected appliance is connected to the Jenn-Air mobile app and Wi-Fi
  2. Open and log into the Alexa App.
  3. Click the "Enable" button and search for Jenn-Air skill.
  4. Select Jenn-Air Skill to enable.
  5. Enter your Jenn-Air mobile app account username and password to link your account.

Method 3

To enable a skill in the Alexa Store (Desktop)

To enable skills from the Alexa Skills store on the website, Click  

  1. Using the search bar, enter "Jenn-Air."
  2. Click on "Jenn-Air skill" and select "Enable Skill".
  3. Enter your Jenn-Air mobile app account username and password to link your account.

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