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Helpful Tips for Broiling in Oven or Range

Tips for Broiling in Your Jenn-Air Oven or Range

Broiling Uses Direct Radiant Heat to Cook Food

  • Experiment with different rack positions. Start with the bottom position.
  • The top rack position will sear the outside rapidly, while the inside will be rare.
  • Center the broiler pan on the rack.
  • Use tongs to turn food to avoid the loss of juices.
  • Very thin cuts of fish, poultry, or meat may not need to be turned.

To Reduce Smoke When Broiling

  • For best results, use a broiler pan and grid. It is designed to drain juices and help avoid spatter and smoke.
  • For proper draining, do not cover the grid with foil. The bottom of the broiler pan may be lined with aluminum foil for easier cleaning.
  • Trim excess fat to reduce spattering. Slit the remaining fat on the edges to avoid curling.
  • After broiling, remove the pan from the oven when removing the food. Drippings will bake on the pan if left in the heated oven, making cleaning more difficult.

Placement of types of food and respective rack placement