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Proofing Bread

How to Proof Bread in a Jenn-Air Warming Drawer

 Bread Proofing cropped.jpg


Proofing bread activates the yeast, preparing the dough for baking. Check the dough periodically for progress. The proofing temperature is approximately 90°F/32°C.

  1. Cover the dough with lightly oiled waxed paper and place temperature-safe bowl(s) on the rack.
  2. Set the control knob to the PROOF setting.
  3. Place vent on MOIST setting.
  4. Verify doneness by pressing two fingers ¹⁄₂" (1.3 cm) into the dough. If indentation remains, the dough is ready.

 For second proofing of dough, repeat steps 1-4.

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