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Setting the Temperature and Moisture Control on the Warming Drawer

How to set the temperature and moisture control on your Jenn-Air warming drawer

Control knob

  • Push in and turn the control knob to turn on the warming drawer.
    • The blue power indicator light will turn on and remain on while the warming drawer is in operation.
  • The temperature is controlled by rotating the control knob to the desired setting. The temperature setting ranges from Lo to Hi on the warming drawer control to keep heated foods warm at the selected temperatures.
  • When finished, turn the control knob to Off to turn off the warming drawer.
    • When the warming drawer is turned off, the blue power indicator light will go out and the drawer will begin to cool. 

warming_drawer_control_panel.jpg    Food Poisioning Hazard.jpg

Moist-Dry slide control 

  • The Moist-Dry slide control allows you to open or close the vent slots in the door.
    • The Moist setting holds moisture in, while the Dry setting allows steam and moisture to escape from the drawer.

NOTE: Condensation may form on inner surfaces. This is normal.

  • To keep foods moist, slide control to the Moist setting, which will close the vents.
    • Closing the vents will seal the drawer and keep hot foods soft and moist.
  • To keep foods crisp, slide control to the Dry setting, which will open the vents.
    • Opening the vents releases moisture from the drawer and keeps hot foods crisp and dry.



To use Warming Drawer: 

  1. Push in and turn the control knob to the desired food warming setting: Lo (low), between Lo and Med (medium low), Med, (medium), between Med and Hi (medium high) or Hi (high).

NOTE: For best results, meats, seafood, poultry and any foods containing meat, seafood or poultry should be set to medium or higher.

  1. Select Moist or Dry setting.
  2. Allow warming drawer to preheat. Recommended minimum preheating times are 5 minutes for Lo, 10 minutes for Med, and 20 minutes for Hi.
  3. Push in and turn the control knob to Off when finished.
  • The indoor/outdoor warming drawer is ideal for keeping hot, cooked foods at serving temperature. It is designed to operate properly either indoors or outdoors at temperatures down to 32°F (0°C). If the drawer is operated at temperatures colder than 32°F (0°C), performance may be affected.
  • Different types of food may be placed in the warming drawer at the same time. When keeping several types of food hot, use the setting for the highest temperature food in the warming drawer.
  • Place foods requiring the highest temperature on the bottom of the drawer and those foods requiring the lowest temperature on the elevated rack. For best results, do not hold foods in the warming drawer longer than 1 hour. For smaller quantities or heat-sensitive foods, such as eggs, do not hold longer than 30 minutes.
  • Food must be cooked and at serving temperature before being placed in the warming drawer. Cover foods with a lid. Breads, pastries and fruit pies may be heated from room temperature on the Hi setting.
  • Remove food from plastic bags and place in an oven-safe container. Oven-safe serving dishes and dinner plates can be heated while the warming drawer is preheating.

NOTE: To conserve heat, place cookware and the positioning rack in the warming drawer before preheating.

CLICK HERE for more information about serving pans and their placement.

To use Slow Cook feature (certain models): 

  1. Push in and turn control knob to the SLOW COOK zone and set the desired temperature: Lo or Hi. Preheating is not necessary.
  2. Place food into warming drawer. Food should be placed directly on the bottom of the warming drawer. Do not use the rack.
  3. Close the warming drawer. Be sure that the warming drawer is completely closed during operation.
  4. Turn control knob to OFF when finished.
  • The SLOW COOK function in the warming drawer cooks food slowly at a low temperature over a long period of time, similar to a countertop slow cooker.
  • When the warming drawer is installed outdoors, the SLOW COOK function should not be used when the temperature is below 32°F (0°C).
  • There are 2 settings: Hi and Lo. Guidelines for cooking times are 4 to 5 hours for Hi and 8 to 10 hours for Lo. Smaller quantities of food may require less time, while larger quantities may require more time.
  • When slow cooking, use serving pans (available for purchase) or oven-safe cookware.

CLICK HERE for more information about serving pans and their placement. 

  • Before slow cooking, thaw frozen foods completely.
IMPORTANT: Brown roasts thoroughly before starting to slow cook.

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