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Leaking from Dispenser - Built-In Refrigerator

Possible Solutions

Reminder: One or two drops of water immediately after dispensing is normal.  It may be necessary to hold the container under the dispenser for 2 to 3 seconds after releasing the dispenser button.

Is the dispenser drip tray full?

There is an insert in the dispenser drip tray. The insert can be removed from the drip tray to carry to the sink to empty or clean.  If the dispenser tray is full of water, it may leak or spill down the front of the refrigerator. 

To remove the drip tray push down on the rear edge of the insert to tilt up the front edge and pull the dispenser tray out.

Dispenser tray.jpg

Are there residual ice shavings in the ice chute?

Check the ice chute for ice shavings and pieces. Ice shavings and pieces that get caught in the chute will eventually start to melt, and some dripping could occur. If using crushed ice, clear ice chute by dispensing 8-10 ice cubes after dispensing crushed ice to prevent ice-shaving build up.

Was the glass held under the dispenser long enough?

A few drops of water will dispense after releasing the dispenser lever.  Hold the glass under the dispenser for 2 to 3 seconds after releasing the dispenser lever. 

Was the water system flushed after filter installation or replacement?

Flushing the system is needed every time the filter is changed or once the refrigerator is installed to the water supply line for the first time.  The air in the water system may cause dripping at the dispenser or small/hollow ice cubes. 

CLICK HERE for more information on how to flush the water system.

Is the water supply line cracked or damaged?

If water appears to be leaking from the back of the refrigerator, ensure that the water line from the household water supply to the refrigerator is not damaged or cracked.

Is the tubing firmly inserted into all fittings/connections?

Check all connections that are accessible, such as the connection at the supply valve and the connection point of the supply tubing onto the back of the refrigerator. Make sure the tubing is firmly inserted into all fittings and that all fittings are tightened. 

Is the saddle valve or shut-off valve leaking?

Check all connections at supply valve, Saddle Valve or Shut Off Valve style, make sure the tubing is firmly inserted into all fittings and that all fittings are tightened. 

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